Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Fred Ramsey says:

Spring Creek Slammers will host
A First Sunday Poetry Slam
Sunday Dec 7th, 5pm
Zeno's Pub, 100 W College Ave, State College, PA

Dora McQuaid, Slammaster

Cash prize for top finisher.

This slam is open to all poets 21 and older.
Original poetry only.
Please bring three poems.
National Poetry Slam rules observed

$2 cover
$3 entrance fee

An open meeting of the Spring Creek Slammers will follow the competition. We
will discuss plans for this year's First Night Poetry Extravaganza and kick
around ideas to increase our audience size and competitor pool for our regular

All Interested Persons Welcome. Please bring ideas and comments.

Now, mind you, the last time I passed along a note like this, the slam turned out to be me and Jessica talking at Zeno's, with Dora breezing through to warn us that the gig was off. I have no control over whether anybody else will be there. I'll go, because there are worse ways to pass a Sunday evening than sitting around Zeno's. I promise to bring some (bad) poetry this time, although it won't be particularly new. I started something the other week, but it turned out lame and I haven't finished it. Maybe I'll look at it again, but I couldn't get the language up to the standard of the idea.

Maybe I'll post some old poetry. I think I have a backlog of old stuff sitting around.

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