Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So, looks like Toomey nailed it down, outside the margin of lawyers-making-faces-at-each-other-in-front-of-judges. So there's that.

Nationwide, it's kind of a mixed bag. Looking like maybe 55-65 in the House, and what, 7 in the Senate? Meh, it isn't the superwave we were hoping for. Was it enough to terrorize the moderates in the 2012 Democratic class in the Senate into playing ball with the conservatives? I suppose it comes down to Angle-Reid. If Reid goes down, that'll break the Democratic caucus's unity, I think.

But, it doesn't look like he will. Boxer looks a lot closer than Reid at this point tonight. I figure at least one of the four in the west are going to break to the challenger after everything's counted - Colorado, California, Washington, Nevada. But no more than one. Maybe two.

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