Friday, November 05, 2010

Hear, hear.

Keith Olbermann may be a irredeemable rage-addicted spokesclown with toxic political views and a silly set of affectations, but this is a preposterous reason to can him. Fire him for being a sociopathic, abusive co-worker; cut him loose for bad ratings; discard him as part of a emotional re-balancing of the badly off-kilter network - but don't let him go for putting his money where his mouth is.

Every nightly tirade in favor of left-wing, Democratic political aims and policies is a contribution in kind worth many, many times the monetary value of whatever maxed-out individual contribution he may have made to Jack Conway and whomever he gave money to down in North Carolina. Furthermore, political donations are inherently private affairs unless trumpeted loudly by the donor. Even a overbearing blowhard of a public figure like Olbermann ought to have some sort of privacy. We know more about public figures these days than I really think necessary; unless it's a criminal affair, I mean...


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