Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The polls open in about an hour, and I haven't gotten around to doing down-ballot research. Oops!

Oh, well. Here's the list of Centre County sample ballots, not easy to find this year. And...

There is no down-ballot. No state offices (other than the state legislators), no judges, no initiatives, referenda, or county offices. Well, that was anti-climatic. I guess I'm voting straight ticket Republican this year? Oooh-kay. To be honest, I never like to do that. Maybe against Jake "Shakes" Corman on the general principle that I don't like ex-junkies in public office? But I don't particularly like his opponent either... Corman's dumped a ton of expensive flyers on my doorstep, which confused me because up to this moment I didn't know who was running against him. So far as signs go, he might as well be running unopposed.

Let's go with that. With Corbett likely to blow out Onorato, there probably ought to be some Democratic opposition in the Pennsylvania upper house to keep 'em honest. I'll stick with my local state rep, though, because Benninghoff has been pretty honest as time-serving members of the Black Horse Cavalry go.

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