Wednesday, April 07, 2010

You know it's a strange night when you dream about real estate & you aren't even in the market. It eventually evolved into a nightmarish bar-crawl through a peculiar imaginary version of Chicago where they'd built grain-elevators-cum-seawalls across the slums of the South Side to protect against - what, tsunamis from Lake Michigan?

I suppose it was set off by noticing the flocks of for-sale signs springing up all over Bellefonte. Prices look to be going down, too. There's a foreclosure sale over in the neighborhood I used to rent in. There are *two* houses around the place on S. Spring that I almost bought until I came to my senses & realized it was a structural disaster; one of them just got their listing price cut by 5k. I'm queasily wondering how much value my place has lost since my closing...

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