Friday, April 23, 2010


Saturday Night Live was never funny. You were just sleep-stoned or otherwise addled enough to laugh at anything said or done with a knowing smirk.

Oh, and "The Moderate Voice" has become horrifically orwellian and echo-chamber nuts. Avoid at all costs.


The Brickmuppet said...

Which of these statements in the post is the lie?

Or are they both lies?

Or is the title of the post a lie?

'Cause I kinda' agree with the assessment of TMV......but when I was, like, 8, Landshark made me laugh.

Mitch H. said...

The lie[s] was the bit about "when SNL was funny". It's just that I've been hearing the saw about "when SNL was funny" my entire adult life, and while, yes, the edited versions of the Carter-era SNL had some funny schtik, they edited out all the stupid crap like the Muppetry. And at this point, SNL's been not-funny for thirty years - can we all agree that a ten-to-one ratio is pretty much crap?

Monty Python's been quoted to death, but at least they had the grace to pack up shop after they ran out of material. Some American (and Canadian!) comedians seem bound and determined to disprove Fitzgerald's line about no second acts in American lives by coming back for thirty-two acts and counting.