Thursday, April 15, 2010

There was a little Tea Party protest in front of the Bellefonte courthouse, about two dozen folks clustered in and around the Civil War monument around the feet of Statuary Andrew Curtin. I bought a little Gadsden flag from their donation-table, but I didn't hang around. Today's a work day, right?

There was a two or three-man electric geezer-rock band playing a set over by the courthouse steps. I assumed they were with the protesters. No sign of griefers, but I didn't really bother reading all the signs. If there were any troublemakers, in a "crowd" of twenty-some people, I'd have expected to have heard or seen something. There were at least three people with cameras - possibly more, I passed a woman carrying a tripod the other way when I went over to the square from having dropped some mail off at the post office.

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