Saturday, April 10, 2010

On a walk through town this morning, I discovered two things. Firstly, there's a new used-book store opening in the Crider Exchange, the signs are very cryptic as to when they're actually opening the doors, but it looks like they're still organizing.

Secondly, there was a parade scheduled through town for a welcoming-home ceremony for the State College company of the 112th Infantry. So I got a little flag & watched. For some reason, they put the company's flatbed at the front of the parade, later on I realized that it was because they were going to meet up with their families at the armory and watch the rest of the parade when it wound its way out to the edge of town, but while I was standing down at the courthouse, all I could think was "why isn't the band in front?"

They really need to stop throwing candy to the children at these things. I kind of think it breeds the wrong attitude in the young'ins. Also, it seems kind of hazardous, what with all the scurrying around in the presence of moving vehicles. And the lost bits of candy in the gutters will attract vermin long after the parade is over.

But yeah, welcome home, gentlemen. I understand there's a party for the families out at the armory until 6:30 PM today. Have fun!

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