Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wow, I wasn't paying attention, but apparently the Massachusetts special election to replace Kennedy is in two weeks. Those of you who are registered to vote in Massachusetts, please consider going out in the cold and snow to vote for the Republican. The Democratic candidate is a check-box empty-pants-suit apparatchik; the Republican isn't exactly a movement intellectual, but he'd be a solid small-government vote in the Senate, and if there's anything we have a surfeit of in this quarter of the country, it's Government, heavy-handed and full of its own entitlement.

The political class in Washington needs a good scare. Electing a Republican in indigo-blue wouldn't-even-vote-for-Reagan Massachusetts would make 'em soil themselves. And even if you're a hard-left red-diapered yellow-dog Democrat, doesn't the prospect of rattling the cages of those Washington silver-spooners fill you with a certain unholy glee? It's a special election, he won't be in there for a full term, anyways. You can reset yourself to default for the usual generations-long dynast in 2012.

January 19th. Make a splash, Massachusetts! Those prima donnas in New Hampshire shouldn't get all the national political attention.

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