Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been looking at digisubs, as I said the other day. There's less cool new stuff out there than there used to be, obviously. Demand is cratering, why expect supply to maintain at previous levels? But anyways...

I didn't even get through a full episode of Ladies vs. Butlers, it was just tedious harem crap. Baka to Test to Shokaiju (translation: Tests, Idiots, and Summoned Beasts) is just stupid, like an inverted Special A crossed with Pokemon, cut with a lot of random idiot humor, except not nearly as interesting as all that makes it sound.

Kimi no Todoke seems kind of... superfluous to the manga. Yeah, it's a nice story, but it seems like it was mostly there on the page to start with. Same thing with the Skip Beat anime, although that show was weirdly truncated at just 25 episodes. At least with Skip Beat, the manga story is so rock-solid and snappy that I was willing to sit through it all again to get my Kyoko grudge fix.

Dance in the Vampire Bund had a mildly interesting first episode, but the second was just vile lolicon rubbish, and I won't be bothering with that again.

I was paging through some shows over the last year or more, too. Canaan's first episode was glossy, but confusing and felt kind of "ugly" - like Black Lagoon without the charm or willingness to admit the wickedness of its protagonists.

The first episode of Eden of the East was intriguing, but then I realized it had been licensed by FUNimation. I guess I'll order it whenever they get around to opening up pre-orders.

Cosmo Fighter Sunred is cheerful, pointless nonsense - like a less cynical Sealab 2021. You can't really take large amounts of it at a time, but since it's a quarter-hour show, you don't have to do so.

The show I've been having the most fun with? Cutey Honey Flash - the old cheesecake-and-violence Go Nagai standard re-done by the Sailor Moon crew, far as I can tell. Of course it never got finished by the fansub crew. Damn it all. ^_^

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