Friday, January 22, 2010

I've been watching my new Spice and Wolf DVD set, and I'm already thinking about what a shame that FUNimation (Funimation? FUnimation? I strongly dislike this fascination import companies have with eccentric capitalization ticks like that, you know?) hasn't licensed the second season. There's a good chance they won't, either - the show reminds me strongly of Kino's Journey, in its intellectualism, subdued earth-tone art, and journey-focused storytelling. If Kino's Journey sold more than a couple hundred copies in North America, I'd be very surprised - heck, I didn't even warm to it myself when I first watched it in digisubs. Anyways, Spice and Wolf. It's more anti-religion than I expected, but I suppose I shouldn't have - one of the two protagonists is a pagan wolf-god, she wouldn't be fond of the Church, would she? I've got the opening theme playing in my head right now, and I was singing a bit of the English-lyric ending theme while doing the dishes in the company kitchen this morning. Fun show, if you can get past the rather rapid-fire initial trading-scam involving the exploitation of a secretly planned coin devaluation by dueling merchant-conspiracies.

Spice and Wolf - it's free market moe.

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