Saturday, January 30, 2010

A couple of comments from Bill and Ben which were lost to my Haloscan screwup had to do with the Supreme Court striking down McCain/Feingold, and what I thought about it. I guess I'm tentatively encouraged by it, if only because the 2008 election cycle showed the current set of election laws as hollow mockeries which largely benefited lawyers and other rule jockeys, and bred contempt for the rule of electoral law in politics.

I saw this just a minute ago - a letter from a specialist offering an opinion on what it'll mean in the current election cycle. He basically predicts the death of the political parties "as we know them". I don't think anyone's really enthused about the current state of the two national parties - they've been captured by a toxic culture of mercenary consultants, who think in terms of tactics, and care not a whit for principles.

Any time a superstructure of excessive legal complexity is hacked away by a big Supreme Court case like this, it offers space for common-sense use of the opened space. Here's hoping that this is the result, and that it isn't immediately followed by some nasty new legalistic Great Game, that this new Commons isn't immediately enclosed by nimble-witted lawyer-specialists.

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