Monday, April 10, 2006

Seeing as it's starting to get into walking weather, I was getting into parts of Bellefonte & environs I don't usually go, this weekend past. For one thing, they've put in a bike path out along Airport Road towards a park I hadn't been out to before, yclept "Governors' Park". Nice little public sort of place, plenty of pavilions for office parties & the like, a couple soccer fields & a softball field, & most importantly, a public swimming pool with no posted rates. Will have to find out if it's a free pool, or if not, how much. I really ought to take up swimming now that I'm not quite as much of a whale as I used to be.

There's another park on the other end of town, far side of Spring Creek, tucked in between the stream and Porter Street where no-one but maniacs and trout fishermen would ever go. As such, it's not exactly a family-friendly or foot-friendly sort of place, just three acres of woodlot & a half-dozen preachy, faded placards about stream environmental recovery & the evils of old industrial dams.

Lastly, I went wandering down the very far end of Half Moon Hill, got directions from the guy at the end of the road about how to get across Buffalo Run to Coleville, and then proceeded to bugger up following the directions to the extent that I had to bushwhack my way up a steep near-cliff-like hill because it was either that or slide into Buffalo Run, which had come slap square up against the north face of Half Moon. Once I finished hauling my carcass up the hill by pulling on small trees & rocks, I found myself in the guy's back yard. Ran into him again on my way back into town, and he laughed at me & told me to check for ticks when I got home, as the brush I had been through was allegedly full of 'em. No need for suspense - I was tick-free - but geez, I think I can skip any return visits to that particular part of God's Green Paradise.

Oh, yes. I've started walking to work, those days it isn't like to rain. I can use the exercise, and would prefer to not waste the ready, given how stratospheric-bound the gas prices seem bent.

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