Monday, April 03, 2006

I was visiting a friend down in Gaithersburg who gets the Washington Times deadtree, and there was this article in the Sunday paper. We checked twice to make sure it wasn't the April 1st edition. A bunch of "explorers" with GPS packs & a low sense for high drama decided to make like Stanley & go off on a dangerous, romantic, and violent trip to find the source of the Nile, as if it hasn't been known for over a hundred years now. The group of folk visiting around said friend's dining room table got into an argument over what the proper definition of a river-source ought to be, as the intrepid explorers had apparently made their "find" by re-defining the source to be the most distant point of the Nile watershed.

It all seemed as silly as the Pluto "Planet/Kuiper object" argument, I said, which sent us barking off on another goofy argument. Fanboys - what can you do? Play Puerto Rico, I guess - with the new expansion rules! Now even more dodgy about the whole slave-economy thing! I won by making my very own triangular trade between a hospice & the expansion set's black market and church, thus allowing me to generate extra "colonists", sell them on the black market for buildings, and use the church to launder kickbacks in the building process. I kicked much ass, being as evil as the game allowed.

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