Thursday, April 20, 2006

Huh. One of the farmhouse families on upper Valentine Hill have hired a Mennonite or Amish (or possibly Brethren) work crew to repair their roof. Bunch of unmarried young Pennsylvania Dutch were swarming over the roof, tossing shingles into a large dumpster as I walked up this morning. They get to work early, the Dutch do.

Still not sure how to identify which sect is which just by looking at 'em. I'd have guessed Amish from the straw hats & industriousness. The secretary up front corrected my misapprehension that Amish can't get around like I thought - apparently there's a significant business to be done in ferrying Amish folk around by willing English. They apparently will pay 81 cents a mile for this service. She has a relative who bought a big van to move Amish work crews around from job to job, or just out to things like doctor's appointments.

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