Friday, April 14, 2006

I expected to be able to get home yesterday afternoon in the void behind the first big cloudburst that took out our power at work for a good hour or so, leaving us on the generator & our guests from John Deere in the dark in the conference room. (Oops.)

Then I saw that there was a secondary knock-on storm coming on fast behind the first squall line, about two and half to three hours behind and closing. Talked with someone in support, we estimated that I had maybe about forty-five minutes, which was just enough time to get down to town if I booked & made good time. Well, I made it in under forty-five minutes, but it seems that storms can hurry too, and the rain-front caught me about a block and a half from my front door. Didn't get too soaked, and managed to spare my copy of Dies the Fire from any water-damage, so no harm no foul.

I drove in to work this morning. Cloudbursts are one thing, but they're threatening hail & high winds today.

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