Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Went out again before color-up at Bar Bleu - Monday nights just aren't clicking for me, looks like. Oh, well, at least it isn't a cash game. I went walking on campus afterwards to kill time, and found ten guys playing a half-dollar ante game up in Findlay Commons in East Halls - fifty dollar minimum buy-in. I don't suck, but that's about five times over my current comfort-level, and I definitely don't have the confidence to blow fifty or sixty bucks on a single sitting. While I was on campus - I had promised to pick someone up off the last flight into University Park, and had hours to kill - I took the opportunity to get a new "Resident PA" library card at Pattee. The circulation desk ladies boggled at my 1990 student ID, then quickly ran through the process of cutting a new card. I guess they've given up on photo IDs. Had time to run back into the stacks and borrow a bunch of books which I'd been looking for in the county library system & not finding - Griffith's Battle Tactics of the Civil War, McWhiney's Attack and Die, Hennessey's Return to Bull Run, and Cozzens' book on Iuka & Corinth while I was at it. The late fees have gotten truly fearsome - $3.00 a day after the due-date or recall-date.

I had taken a pile of books I've never finished reading & manga I had gone sour on down to Webster's to see if I could get the piles out of my increasingly cramped apartment, & maybe get some extra money. Mostly paperback novels, crap trade paperback histories, and old manga like flipped Peach Girl, Battle Royale, Eden, Here is Greenwood, and random detrius like a Grisham novel or two or an extra volume of Parasyte that I accidentally double-ordered. I would have been happy with $100, cash, & wouldn't have bothered taking back anything at $50. They gave me a cheque for $250. No wonder used books are so pricey these days. It's all going towards buying inventory!

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