Monday, January 16, 2006

Nothing quite like walking into a restaurant and getting stared at by the entire wait staff in a row, like you're some kind of freakjob for wanting to *eat* on a Sunday. When asked what was going on, one of them, with a "duh!" expression, said "why aren't you watching the game?" Turned around, and the TV by the entrance was playing the Pittsburgh-Indianapolis game. Whoops, forgot it was on.

Oh, BTW? Don't order a burger at Outback assuming that it'll be lighter than the other monster meals. It isn't; in fact, it might be a heavier meal than the twice-as-expensive steaks or pasta meals. Enormous burger, and way, way too many fries. Pretty good, though. Dave yelled at me to stop closing my eyes while eating, and I told him I was just enjoying the calories.

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