Monday, January 30, 2006

Hmmm. The owners of the old Academy property that burned down last year are looking to rebuild. There's a sign out on Spring Street with a picture of a five-story apartment building & promising "high-end condominiums". This is not a tony neighborhood, mind you - the Academy was full of low-income housing rentals, and the rest of the neighborhood isn't in much better shape. In fact, you can find at least two partial ruins within a block of the Academy, partial ruins which look fully occupied. There's been some renovation going on up the hill on Allegheny Street, but it's still about as cracker as you can get on this side of Bald Eagle Mountain. Looks like Lifegate Baptist moved into that stone one-story across the road from the Academy's old driveway. I'm not sure you *can* gentrify that sort of neighborhood, but I suppose it's possible they're trying.

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