Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'm here at the Con's yearly January committee-conference, aka "ComCon". It's a great SMOFfy retreat-type kind of event, and I'm enjoying myself immensely this year. The game show folks get in some practice Friday night by running a version of the game show they put on for last summer's convention proper, and I ended up being one of the participants. I don't know if the questions have gotten easier recently, or if I'm more alert these days, but I got a lot of mockery from the crowd for claiming at first that I wasn't good at trivia, and then winning by a good margin. The questions are (mostly) multiple-choice, and I've always tested well on multiple choice.

Managed to scrape together a pretty good fifty-cent cash game in one of the free suites, ran until 3:30 AM. I guess the exercise-and-diet regimen is working, because I had tons of energy & could have gone until six. I did pretty well, too - I may not be a good poker player yet, but I'm approaching fair-to-middling, which is good enough for the level I'm playing at, I think.

Oh, the work? My department is running on rails these days; I just have to talk to the comptroller about supply orders, and maybe check in on the membership cap discussion, and maybe talk to the chief of staff about replacement staff for the folks who inevitably get bored with the work. Lots of turnover in Registration.

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