Thursday, January 20, 2005

Well, that was different. PSSFS has almost totally evolved past its GRANOP days; I was easily the least socialized individual at the meeting. Not only did they have milk and cookies (well, technically, milk and biscotti...) but they had them *nonironically*. At first, I thought it was some sort of Andy Kaufman thing, but no-body was goofing off on the ritual. It was just something they did. No fatheads, no geeking, no incoherent gibberish. Well, at least, not by my standards. I didn't recognize a single person there, which probably means that I was the only non-student in the crowd.

After the milk and biscotti and some club business about the new library (housed somewhere in the HUB, so we were told), they got down to the main attraction - an officer reading from a novelization of a Nickelodean kids' SF series called the Secret World of Alex Mack. I gathered that it was found during the move of the library holdings into its new digs. After the dramatic reading, they continued by watching some DVD episodes of Gargoyles, a show I really have no use for, sad to say. They still do the old four-column attendance sheet thing, but I didn't really have time to sit through an hour-and-a-half of American animation to stick around for the attendance sheet reading.

Nice to see that there is some generational improvement in the community of nerdom. Of course, it might be that the anime club has bled off all the sociopaths and Asoerger's Syndrome kiddies. But one must have hope.

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