Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ugh, wonderful. A skunk has crawled under the front of the office building, and is spraying its territory. We're debating how to deal with this infestation. Somebody suggested taking a sledgehammer to it. I said I'd like to see the person with reflexes fast enough to squish a mobile skunk. Even so, I can't imagine but smashing a skunk with a hammer would do anything other than splatter musk all over the place. Shooting it is right out, due to that pesky "100 yrds from inhabited building" law. Anybody got a terrier with more mean than sense?

Update: Well, I got tired of the kevetching, so I went out with our twenty-foot satellite-dish scraper to see if I couldn't convince it to move on. It was thoroughly dead - somebody found a blood trail leading under the porch, which suggests that it got hit by a car last night, and tried to burrow under the building for warmth. I couldn't get any leverage to pull it out from under the building with the scraper, so after I assured myself that it was pining for the fjords, I grabbed a heavy-duty iron rake and dug it out. It was something of a pain rolling the damned corpse to the trees at the back of the property, but I couldn't get it to carry on the end of the rake, and I was damned if I was going to touch a dead skunk with my bare hands.

Dave threatened to ban me from his apartment if I got sprayed, but dead skunks very rarely spray, so I suppose I'm off the hook. Don't know what the fuss is about. It only smells a little worse than Ben Hauger's catshit coffee.

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