Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm going to go parachute into a meeting of PSSFS, my old SF club. It's been years and years since I went to one, and I'm going to be passing through town for comic shop stock day, anyways.

I've been kind of hibernetical recently; there just isn't much of anything going on, and I barely have enough energy to do the nothing required of me. Got a rather astonishing credit card bill in the mail the other day - nothing I can't cover, easily, but still - the sort of thing that would have stopped my heart dead if I had gotten it back in my penurious post-college days. You know, back when I used to go to PSSFS on a weekly basis, and write their newsletters. I see that they've misplaced the old archives in the last re-design; I saved 'em myself, somewhere. I think. Looks like someone tried to start doing weekly newsletters through livejournal, although it seems to be defunct.

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