Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm back from Florida, but feeling deeply unambitious. I spent last night going through my manga, organizing and creating a huge pile of discards which I need to get rid of, if I'm not going to drown in a sea of pulp. I know where I can get rid of real books, at Fred Ramsey's place, even though I never actually avail myself of that opportunity. But what do you do with comics? When the last speculative bubble burst everybody remembered that mass-market printed material doesn't normally appreciate. Before then, comics shops would buy old comics; I don't think the 'Swap does that these days - at least, I don't see large shelves of used manga in the back.

Either way, my place is starting to get a bit swamped, and there's only a little space left back in the kitchen-area for another set of shelves. I suppose I could get a couple of those plastic garage-shelves and clean up the "spare" room, which is currently hip-deep in random detritus. Donate as much of my old clothes as I'll never wear, which is most of them.

Maybe it's time I actually cranked down and learned how to use E-Bay. That's how everybody else gets rid of their crap, right?

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