Thursday, September 02, 2004

Watched Miller and Cheney with the poker crowd last night. I got knocked out of the tournament early, so I was sitting on the couch playing GBA while they threw comments over their shoulders. Miller was a big hit, but no-body likes Cheney, even our vehemently pro-life conservative host. Dave A. got pissed at Cheney and left early, having been likewise knocked out early from the tournament. The resident clown was asking questions about Cheney's war record as Mrs. Cheney lauded his courage and etc. Explained how he wasn't a military man, despite having been Secretary of Defense.

Zell Miller sounds like a recording of an orator from the first half of the 20th Century. You don't hear his kind of accent much in political circles these days. Kind of bracing, like hearing from the Democratic Past. He's an angry, angry guy. Did someone think that having Cheney follow Miller would make Cheney sound less angry and scary? A rotweiler would seem less ferocious if it had to bat follow-up to today's Zell Miller.

Even the guy who didn't know Cheney's war record, or lack thereof, knew to expect a possible resignation speech. That rumor really made the rounds, didn't it? No such thing, although the first parts of his speech had all the hallmarks of a reworked resignation or retirement speech. So we're stuck with Cheney, are we? Pity.

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