Monday, September 06, 2004

The Kerry campaign managed to organize an event in a 6-to-1 Democratic town - Stuebenville, OH - in which he was roundly booed and abused by a hostile crowd. How did they achieve this feat of negative genius? They cancelled and rescheduled an event two weeks after the first, abortive event, giving their local opponents notice and advance warning. Then they tried to schedule the event at a *gun range*, on the apparent theory that gun-lovers were representative of undecided voters. Or something. Then they had the local firefighters tell the campaign to go piss up a rope. It was apparently a perfect storm of organized anti-abortion students from a local Catholic college, Republicans, irate NRA supporters, and firefighters who descended on an open-air rally, shouting their displeasure at the Democratic candidate. This is the man that the Democratic base nominated to manage a global war of smart networks and rapid response? He couldn't keep college students and a gun range proprietor from getting inside his staff's OODA loop! How the hell does he plan on dealing with al Queda or the mullahs?

Via the Instapundit.

Correction: there wasn't any shouting. Just hundreds and hundreds of anti-abortion protesters with signs. The main point still stands - the Kerry people got upstaged at their own rally.

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