Monday, September 13, 2004

I spent much of the weekend playing games on the computer at home, and watching Fox News. They had Richard Holbrooke on the other night, opining that Iraq was “worse than Vietnam”. You know, if Kerry is a would-be Nixon, sour, foul-mouthed, secretive and unlikable, then Holbrooke is his would-be Kissinger - arrogant, unprincipled, ruthless and sharp-elbowed. The interviewer amused himself by trying to get Holbrooke to identify which parts of the current Coalition in Iraq was “coerced”, and which were “the bribed”. Holbrooke attempted to elucidate Kerry’s “Underpants Gnome” strategy for shifting “ownership” of the Iraq occupation onto the international players. If he provided a phase two, I didn’t spot it.

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