Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's the harvest season, so I'm much more busy at work than is usually the case. A few things:

Bellefonte and the rest of Happy Valley didn't escape the flooding, but it was mostly people who live or own property in the low-lying areas who got socked, mostly by Spring Creek, which overran its banks throughout the valley. Water Street was shut down in Bellefonte, and several neighborhoods in Milesburg were flooded out. When I drove through, it seemed as if every portable pump in the county was deployed along one unremarkable street, emptying basements. Houserville and Lemont also had some homes flooded out, especially in Houserville along the fringes of Spring Creek Park, which was inundated. Later in the day I saw some kids with boogie boards wading through the flood along the edge of the baseball diamond in Spring Creek Park. Earlier, I saw two idiots on mountain bikes barrel through the raging flood pouring across Puddingtown Road, up to their waists. Still can't believe they made it without getting washed into the sheep pastures downstream.

Watched about half of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The movie was like someone's plagiarized student reel - here's my version of the end of Citizen Kane, here's my take on the Hudsucker Proxy, a Star Wars-like display of archaic serial editing techniques, the fighter scenes from Pearl Harbor, the fantasy bedroom scene from Brazil, the sidekick from Destination: Moon, ooh - how about the producer's daddy's Flash Gordon? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the Central Asian scene, the sleazy guy from the Mummy, touches of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The quality of the films plagiarized dropped as the movie went on, as well. I suppose I wouldn't have minded as much if the plot, action, and characters were sprightly enough, or distracting enough - even the Mummy Returns, as stupid and lame as it was, had moments of movie magic. All Sky Captain... had to offer, from my point of view, was (terrible) style over substance.

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