Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Reading this description of the protest marches in NYC, I came to a striking realization. The NYPD has come up with a brilliant scheme for defusing potential protester riots. NYC in August is a sweltering broiler of a city. The more radical direct-action types, used to much smaller cities like Miami and Seattle, think they can out-maneuver the dumb stupid cops by taking roundabout routes, and come in via the flanks. The dumb stupid cops seem to be encouraging this behaviour, sometimes with bullhorns and great enthusiasm, like blue-clad, deranged scoutmasters. From all accounts, the protesters have been weaving their way aimlessly back and forth through the endless canyons of Midtown. By the time the cops get them back to Madison Square Garden, the crowds are wheezing, sweated out, and in heavy pain.

Your black-clad anarchist cadre can't riot if they're exhausted, dehydrated, and footsore.

The Democrats in Boston tried concentration camps. The NYPD is relying on the Manhattan Death March.

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