Friday, August 20, 2004

I tried to arrange to go visit the relatives in Pittsburgh - they're going to be out of town this weekend. I was going to go hang out in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan with Dave during a board of directors meeting for another convention. That's apparently fallen through. I think I'm doomed to a weekend spent with Bellefonte's Arts and Crafts Festival, which they are busy setting up on High Street and Allegheny Street as we figuratively speak.

I joked about cartoon cows and the Arts Festival in State College last month, but the Bellefonte Arts and Crafts Festival is the real thing. Gingham, cows, lace doilies and whimsically carved blocks of wood designed to make living rooms feel more rustic and kitchens more rural. It's going to be wall-to-wall housefrau all weekend, which I suppose is an improvement on wall-to-wall mullets for the Bellefonte Cruise, but still and all, I'd prefer wall-to-wall empty air, given my druthers.

Not to mention all the bogarted street-level parking. Bah.

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