Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I've got some thoughts in my head about M. Night Shyamalan's the Village, but the "no goddamn spoilers!" haze that surrounds every one of that guy's movies is something of a deterrence from talking in depth about them. I mean, is the embargo on discussing the plot twist at the end of the Sixth Sense over yet? I mean, will I be spoiling anybody if I let slip that Bruce Willis was dead? Red doorknobs and all that?

Shyamalan seems to have something about reds, though. The "bad color", which is shown in every ad for the Village I've seen yet, so I'm not spoiling anything, so there - to end this endless series of equivocations and elipses, is red. Here we are again, with crimson. What does it mean to Shyamalan? Of course, I don't remember any specific meaning assigned to the color in Unbreakable and Signs aside from it being largely neglected in favor of whites and blues (for Unbreakable) or blacks and greens (for Signs).

Anyways, there's a warning that I intend to write about the Plot Elements That We Don't Mention, probably tomorrow, probably under spoilerspace unless I feel particularly mean or spoilerish on the morrow. Specifically, something about why the critics are so impatiently infuriated with Shyamalan's fairy tale, and why the largely crank-liberal critical set is so resistant to a movie which seems to be largely sympathetic to their general principles and ideals. Tomorrow.

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