Friday, October 03, 2003

Why the UN High Commission for Refugees Is Monstrous

Remember the "Sudanese Lost Boys" resettlement, where do-gooders relocated a couple of thousand orphans from the Sudanese civil war to the United States? What happened to the girls? According to this Slatearticle, the UNHCR - a reprehensible collection of ideologues, incompetents, and shitheels if I've ever seen one - thought it was a good idea to treat the male orphans differently from the female orphans. They put the boys in group barracks under direct supervision, and farmed out the girls to local Kenyan foster homes. The boys stayed in the system, and eventually got shipped to new lives in the States. The girls, left to the mercy of Kenyan fosters, have largely been drafted into varying states of de facto slavery - the lucky ones, servants; the unlucky ones got sold as sex-slaves.

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