Thursday, October 09, 2003

the Book of cummings

Dora read from the book of cummings
And the word was feeling
And feeling was the grace of God
And thinking and believing
And knowing are common and
Caught from the crowd.


Feeling is the weft
That weaves together the mob
Every mind is itself
But the heart is the commonwealth of man.

The fascist sails the homogenous mob
The populist surfs the heart of the throng
And it is one heart as it is one crowd
And it was feeling that hung Salem
And it was feeling that fired the ovens
And it is FEELING that fouls the soul
With the will of the world
...but it is feeling
That finds messiahs
That founds nations
That frees the slaves

Feeling is angels and devils and demons and all selves as one.

Feeling is a weapon
And it is salvation
Feeling is a stick of dynamite in a
World of candles.
Be careful with your matches.


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