Thursday, October 30, 2003

The big boys of warbloggerdom have noticed the Gender Genie. Andrew Sullivan is amused to score male, despite being "a big fag", as he puts it. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, on the other hand, is amused by his high "female" score, and wonders if he's a metrosexual. I don't think he quite gets the Gender Genie - you'd be more "metrosexual" if you can actually get a majority-opposite score on a couple of pieces. I've found that my scores are almost exclusively majority-male, regardless of what I feed the Genie.

Anyways, it's amusing that this particular meme took this long to sweep the warblogger end of the 'net. It made the rounds of the more techie-geek oriented blogs last month. Jessica, did you point it out to us then?

Could we please put this "metrosexual" meme to sleep? It's a deeply dopy neologism.

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