Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Was looking back through my referral logs, when I came across this monstrosity. It's a stalkerblog, a blogspot blog set up specifically to abuse a rather obscure academic blogger I follow, Professor Erin O'Connor. This "Allen" is livid that O'Connor demonstrates the characteristics of both a leftist and a conservative, and deeply offended at the notion that O'Connor admits to having crafted her academic message to further her career. To my mind, this is a spectacular and monumental example of "missing the point". Her entire blog-career has been a mea culpa over that very issue, which she brings up herself.

Anyone who can be so outraged by the existence of a thinker that defies classification is, to my mind, merely demonstrating his clear intellectual and political shortcomings. In short, this "Allen" proves himself to be a partisan, a fanatic, and a fool of the lowest order.

Please, don't take this as an endorsement of O'Connor. I find her too eager to defend alleged instances of conservative or libertarian "academic freedom under attack", and prone to ignore the political-hack nature of too many of her compatriots on the (sparsely populated) academic "right". But this sort of mean-spiritedness is out of bounds, and downright creepy.

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