Monday, October 06, 2003

My copy of the first volume of Witch Hunter Robin just showed up. Ought to be a good alternative to Sailor Moon R's giggly pastel-palette taffy. If you haven't seen the digisubs, it's a cool, dark anime with a lot of common elements with the X Files. The cover on the DVD I was sent does not look like the one advertised there on Best Prices. I'm not sure if this has something to do with the CD/DVD bundled version that they were offering - I'm a cheap bastard, and went for the single DVD. The DVDs offered on Bandai's Robin-specific site are labeled "Platinum Edition", whatever that means. The one I'm holding isn't; perhaps this has something to do with it? According to Anime on DVD, the only DVD to have been released this week was the "limited edition", the one with the CD. This is definitely not that. I guess Best Prices accidentally broke street?

This make less sense the more I look at it. I suppose Bandai is just Being Bandai, and did something inexplicable and eccentric. They're known for that, in the industry.

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