Friday, October 03, 2003

Kay's interim report to Congress. NPR was effectively lying by omission this morning as I drove in to work. They definitely left me with the impression that Kay had been reporting failure, that there was no evidence of WMD programs, etc. What the actual text of the report clearly states is that no weapons were found. This is not at all the same thing as the total failure that NPR (and I presume the left-wing of the blogosphere - haven't had time to go out looking yet this morning) was reporting.

1) They've discovered a network of BW facilities that Iraq never reported to the UN, and the UN inspection teams never found.

2) Copious documentary evidence that Hussein fully intended to resume a nuclear program as soon as sanctions & inspections were lifted, and partial, uncertain evidence that he may have lost patience and ordered some sort of limited, piecemeal, largely theoretical resumption in 2000.

3) Evidence and testimony that work in Bt research was intentionally constructed to allow rapid conversion to anthrax production at short notice.

4) Extensive evidence and testimony that there were programs to develop UAVs, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles with ranges far beyond UN limits and WMD capacity. This includes the two "anti-ship" missiles fired at Kuwait during the war, which were cruise missiles representing the completed run of one of two operational cruise missile programs, the other being an up-sized and much more potent variant.

5) Evidence that Iraq was discussing purchase of long-range ballistic missiles from North Korea (probably the No Dong).

Combine all of this with the "bioweapons lab trailers", and this is a significant fraction of what Powell went to the UN with in February. Don't believe the people yelling about "imminent threats". This was what the administration sold us on last winter: dangerous intents and capacities; not "imminent threats". It is alarming that they haven't found the unaccounted-for chemical weapons yet; that is a separate issue. The prospect that those unaccounted-for chemical weapons are being dug up by mercenaries or fanatics is alarming; the "Bush lied! Bush lied!" nonsense-argument is a dangerous distraction from the worry that the missing stocks are in the hands of fanatics or terrorists.

Via Andrew Sullivan.

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