Monday, October 13, 2008

Um, dude: the Rezko corruption case may be bringing down a mobbed-up bank operator/State Treasurer named Giannoulis. Obama was the main force behind Giannoulis's run for State Treasurer and this guy's bank is apparently the money-tree for Rezko's operations and was the bank which got Obama his sweetheart mortgage. The article goes into detail on what "the Chicago Way" means these days, but the short story is that the Outfit still exists, it's one of the mainsprings for how business and politics gets done there, and Obama and Blagojevich's 'fixer', Tony Rezko, is talking to the feds and Patrck Fitzgerald now that he's been convicted and looking for clemency.

Hey, it's "Fitzmas" after all. And if you fools elect the big O, you'll get to enjoy at least a year of the President-elect getting grilled by a federal prosecutor about his ties to actual, living, breathing Chicago gangsters. Won't that be fun?

That's assuming he doesn't fire the Justice Department on January 20th as a preventive measure.


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