Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OK, I talked to the woman who runs the Centre County Board of Elections. She claimed the reason that most of the absentee voters in the county haven't gotten their ballots was because of a lawsuit filed to keep Bob Barr off the ballot. I looked this up later, it was filed by an idiot Republican down in Cumberland County, the Libertarians were rightfully incensed. She claimed that it was an all-state issue, but when I confronted her about how I had made hundreds of calls to some of the Northern Tier counties and Clearfield & they were sending their absentee ballots out in a timely manner, she claimed to have the voters' best interests at heart and held up the prospect of those out-county-issued ballots being ruled invalid, and went on again about the Barr lawsuit.

When I came in to the office an hour later, I found that this lawsuit, while inadvisable and foolish, still had been dismissed on September 15th. The Centre County Board of Elections is holding up the absentee ballot mailings over a dismissed lawsuit.

Now, although there *is* another idiot lawsuit being filed in Philadelphia trying to kick *Barrack Obama* off the ballot for allegedly not being born in the United States (again, idiocy!), no rational individual would have the ballots of an entire state invalidated or held up over the chances that the nominee of the sodding Democratic Party might be kicked off the ballot!

My read is that the Board is A) lying to callers and visitors to their office as to why they're holding up the in-country absentee ballots (mind you, abroad and military absentee ballots have already been delivered from Centre County, showing that my interviewee's concern for the votes of her fellow Pennsylvanians doesn't extend to members of the military, expatriates and those journeying abroad) B) holding up the absentee ballots for this county for a therefore-unstated reason and C) they are thus disadvantaging the absentee voters of Centre County against their fellows in neighboring counties and those of us who normally vote in our local precincts' polling places.


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