Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So Obama's decades-long working relationship with a bombmaking, unrepentant communist terrorist is now being compared to McCain's having been on the board of an anti-communist organization which was accused of having anti-Semitic members? An organization whose founder and chairman worked together with those who made the accusations to remove the individuals who were the subject of the complaints? And then said anti-Semite-persecuting villain was later involved in the Iran-Contra conspiracy to arm anti-communist insurgents in a communist country?

Oh, Martha, get the smelling salts. McCain's a Republican! He's associated with known conservatives! Next thing you know, they'll be accusing him of associating with malefactors like Bud Day!

OK, that last one was fun, but I'm afraid that some folk who might come by here unexpected might not get that I'm being sarcastic. Bud Day's an American hero. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something pretty toxic.

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