Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My new landlord does not, like the last one, have a convenient downtown office with a convenient mail-slot in the door for off-hours deposit of the rent-cheque. I'm a cheap bastard, and getting cheaper, so the prospect of wasting a stamp on the monthly rent fills my newly-saved soul with the fear of financial fire & brimstone. The secretary of the old landlord is cousins of some sort with the new landlord, and has indicated that she'll collect cheques if I insist, but this is kind of a slap-dash way of doing things, don't you think?

Wonder if I can talk the new landlord into doing Paypal? Eh, I guess not. Not unless I want to pay the transaction cost - steeper than I thought, really. 2.9%? What could keep a businesswoman from just sticking with personal accounts, which seem to be free?

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