Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank heavens, the second round of attacks on London seem to have only injured one of the perpetrators, as the bombs either failed to go off, or weren't properly speaking finished bombs in the first place. This strongly suggests that this new wave weren't professional terrorists at all, but rather copy-cat kids. Wonder if they were building these things from online instructions, or is it all some kind of elaborate hoax, designed to produce a show-trial by non-al-Queda sympathizers who haven't quite grasped the whole "death cult" thing?

Actually, it would make sense if the attackers' handlers had intentionally shorted them, in the hopes of provoking an anti-Muslim pogrom by the hooligans. Nothing stifles dissent like a defensive huddle. The current strategy on our side was to get the moderate Muslim mass to police the mosques and madrassas themselves.

The BBC is putting up another of their reporters' logs.

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