Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My dad pointed out this Doonesbury comic in the Sunday paper over breakfast in Cranberry Township. (The version that ran in the print edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cut the snarky "let me make 109 points about Bolton" bumper, as they often do, for space concerns.) I think I said something lame to the effect of "that's why I don't read Trudeau". But one of the virtues of the blogsphere hive-mind effect? There's always somebody lighter on their feet and better-prepared to crush the object of irritation.

Jason van Steerwyk was the captain of a headquarters company in a National Guard line-battalion in ar Ramadi when he first started blogging. He's moved into media criticism and personal finance commentary since coming back from his tour in Iraq. He's one warblogger you don't want to mau-mau with the "Yellow Elephant" routine. He's always worth reading. Even when he's going on about fiddle-playing. ^_^

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