Thursday, July 28, 2005

OK, that's it. Some fucking dingleberry is trying to get a city memorial to veterans in San Diego destroyed because it features a prominent cross, and is on public property. (Well, used to be - they tried to get around him by getting the city to sell it to a private group, and were blocked in court from doing so because it was an alienation of gov'nt property. Sheesh.)

The behavior of some "civil libertarians" is so extreme, and so miserably intolerant of any symbol of any religion which isn't disguised as some other social phenomenon - like, say, ecology or communism - that they're functionally indistinguishable from the Taliban. Literally! How is something like this different from the Taliban culture minister ordering the demolition of ancient Buddhist statues? (Well, the arbitrary power to do so, instead of quarrelling in the courts, I suppose, but don't interrupt me - I'm on a rant!)

If the shitheads in Hyndman are "American Palestinians", then this guy is a sterling example of the Atheist Taliban, detonator in hand, determined to extinguish all signs of any religion other than his own. Sod that. (Link via Winds of Change.)

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