Friday, July 26, 2013

Well, the live trap caught an adult cat overnight.  Unfortunately, it isn't the mother, who is much smaller and still has a red collar from whatever irresponsible jackass didn't bother to spay their pet & then abandoned her to the wild.  My co-worker Brian H is overwhelmed, he doesn't know *what* to do with this cat.  It's too burly to be somebody's indoors cat, doesn't have a collar, and is surprisingly well-fed for a wildling.  Based on the coloring and so forth, it has to be related to the kittens and momma cat - it may be the father.  Hard to tell without propping the live trap up on a shelf and checking its junk, I guess.  It does *not* like being in a trap, it was frothing slightly, and had torn its claws fighting with the trap, enough to be bleeding at the paws.

We may have to go to the animal rescue people at this point.  We've also ran out of adoption slots for the kittens, everyone who can take one right now is full up.


Mitch H. said...

We couldn't find a place to keep him, or an open slot for a quick spray-and-release operation. Also, he was starting to force the trap open, so we just rigged a remote release and let him loose. This has really knocked the air out of our little amateur rescue operation. I have an excess kitten on my hands right now - anyone want a cute little black kitten with white patches?

Ben H said...

Always a sad situation. It's good you saved the kittens... I adopted a shelter cat in 2006, his name is mushi.

Mitch H. said...

Haven't heard from you in years, Ben. Kittens and their half-adult brother are occupying my house like a bunch of surly OWS anarchists. And the kitten I wanted to give away is far too hostile to people to foist off on someone else. She bit the vet's assistant, and hisses every time we make eye contact. Oh, well. ^_^