Thursday, July 25, 2013

So my cat, Otonashi's mother is still in the wild, and still having litters.  We've started trying to capture the current litter, and Brian H, a co-worker, bought a live trap.  He caught one of the 4-to-5 kittens last night with his brother, although I'm told they had to turn the trap upside down and shake it out, because it was clinging to the wire mesh like Spiderman.  They re-set the trap, and in the morning, there was a second kitten. 

Brian went to transfer the second kitten into a carrier, when he noticed the mother hovering in the bushes, hissing violently.  Then she started charging at him.  He shied a pine-cone at the enraged mother, but it didn't stop her, and she chased him into the building, the second kitten escaping in the chaos.  Reportedly the mother was pacing outside the office door for a bit.  Mind you, we're not talking about a big cat here, your average black housecat, a little on the small side.  But she apparently was doing the full-fang ready-to-kill charge.

Anyways, here's the captured kitten, who probably will go to another co-worker who just had her elderly cat die...  as you can see, it's pitch-black, and spot-welded to the back corner of the carrier.


Mitch H. said...

OK, we figuratively drew straws, and I'm keeping today's catch. I'm tentatively calling it "Yami", which is nicely ungendered - we got Otonashi's gender wrong the first go 'round. Yami's sitting in a carrier behind my office chair right now. It'll go in my guest room, which will keep it isolated from Otonashi, keep them from exchanging anything communicative until the vet can look Yami over on Monday.

which_chick said...

Set a hard limit on cats now, before you wind up the dude equivalent of a crazy cat lady. (There's a reason I only have two, and it isn't that I can't find another I like well enough to keep.)

Mitch H. said...

Yeah, two's the limit. Since Otonashi's an indoors cat, I figured he needed another cat around for socialization and general psychological health. He's been getting a bit clingy.

They're going to have to bring in a pro to do something about the mother, though. She's too smart for us.