Monday, August 02, 2010

So I finally installed the window air-conditioner last night, with help from Jason. Maybe I should get a unit that I can actually install without help, but it came with the house, and it still functions. It turns out that a dehumidifier sucks up about half as much electricity as a functioning air conditioner, and produces waste-heat to boot, so there's no significant advantage in going without air conditioning. If I lived in the arid West it might make sense, but the house tends towards the humid even on the driest of days.


which_chick said...

I live without air conditioning or dehumidifying (I live in what is essentially a swamp. Humidity is my constant companion in the summer.) but I do have a box fan in the window of the bedroom so that I can sleep during the worst of the summer. Usually the fan runs for three days a year, tops.

Mitch H. said...

You also live on top of a mountain, to judge by rough description and how much faster it gets cold up there come winter. It's kind of a hot night *inside* my place tonight - as you can tell by the fact that I'm up and about at 3:30 AM - so I'm running all fans to try and flush out the still air. I *used* to live without air conditioning in my old slum box down the hill.

I'm just trying to not let my box-on-a-concrete pad become a Moyashimon-style petri dish for all the local molds and fungi.

which_chick said...

Elevation at my house is 1323 or thereabouts. It's a valley, but a high one. (That is why it's called "Valley-Hi" and yes, the crap-ass spelling makes me cringe every time I see it.)

Burgs are also hotter than sticks. I think it's the trees. Trees do a lot to keep things cool. I also have no pavement and no buildings anywhere near me to hold and radiate heat in the evenings. Sun goes down, heat goes away.