Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kon's last testament, posted by his family and friends to his website. It sounds very much like his interviews in happier days, it sounds like him.

I will say this: by his own testimony, he was apparently going to an acupuncturist and a chiropractor for his pains, and it sounds (although he does not come out and say it) that he got to a doctor too late for a saving diagnosis. Did alternative medicine's quacks kill him by neglect? Maybe not, apparently pancreatic cancer is so deadly because it produces no early symptoms, and is very difficult to diagnose in time to keep it from going metastatic. By the time Kon was going to a chiropractor for bone pain, it was probably already too late. But the chiropractor was definitely the wrong choice. Doctors, drugs, chemotherapy and surgery done six months earlier might have given him at least a little more time.


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Brickmuppet said...

If what he had was initially diagnosed as sciatica then the chiropractor was not necessarily a completely insane choice.

I have gotten good results with a chiropractor but he specializes in sports related injuries. He was highly recommended and I was sent to him by my dojo, but I went to the Spine Center first. When I inquired about seeing him the doctor told me that "Chiropractors are quacks, but Robinson is an ethical, competent quack who gets results."

Still, chiropracty AND does sound like he was in to alternate medicine in a big way, and that may well have cost the world dearly in this case.