Friday, February 26, 2010

OK, this is just funny. Melissa Hart was my parents' representative when they still lived in the commonwealth. Apparently she's making enough money as a lobbyist to not worry about abandoning a car in the House parking lot. If you ask me, they have too many spots if you can leave an abandoned car there for *three years*, and not have it towed.

When I saw the Instapundit link, I thought that the malefactor would be Cynthia McKinney, and I was all ready to point and laugh.

More fool me.

But really, this is part of why the Republicans are in such poor odor, even with the current backlash against the socialists. No class, no style, no integrity.


Mark said...

Off-topic, but: You got Instalanched, sort of!

Mitch H. said...

Ha! That's different. I was just thinking this morning that certain comments sections are as interesting as the blogs they hang off of. The Belmont Club in particular has a remarkably high-tone comments chorus, which I don't listen to as often as I ought.

The irony here is that I have a bad habit of commenting and bolting on Rand's blog. I have no idea how the heck Prof. Reynolds has enough time to read others' comments sections with the shear torrential volume of his posting regimen & full-time job teaching law.

Mark said...

I do recall him mentioning at some point that he sets up automatic timed posts to go off during the day, which is one secret behind the almost continuous updates.

I have to admit that I'm a lowbrow comments section reader... there's nothing I enjoy reading better than a lengthy, angry argument, as long as it stays on topic and doesn't devolve completely into a personalized flamewar. Not sure why this is.