Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't do crap like this, people. It's what the kids call "a dick move". The only reason to ever act politically in this fashion (like voting tactically) is if you think the one you're voting/signing a petition for is actually better than the immediate alternative in the immediate context. This is why I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 - not because I wanted the Republican to win (although I did), but because I thought she was the marginally-better option in the race. "Operation Chaos" was amusing but not really a factor in my 2008 primary vote. "The worse the better" is Leninism, and absolute BS no matter which party or faction is pushing for it. Always find the better option, even if that better option is no action at all.

For those playing at home, Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana announced his retirement at the absolute last moment, leaving the Democrats in Indiana with only one, crazy-left forlorn-hope candidate with even close to enough petition signatures to get on the primary ballot by the deadline, which is, like, today. If they don't have any primary candidates, Indiana Democratic Party rules provide for a leadership caucus, which is what the Democrats are trying to achieve. What the conservative muckers are trying to do is sabotage that caucus by collecting enough signatures to pitchfork Mrs. Moonbat into the Democratic nomination by default. Not cool, even if I do prefer a generic Republican Senator from Indiana over a generic Democratic Senator. Don't play with dynamite, even if you're confident it wouldn't ever go off.


Benjamin said...

Yeah, I agree, there's absolutely no legitimate reason for republicans to strategically intervene in Democratic party internal politics. It might technically be legal because party primaries aren't "real elections," but it's a real slap in the face to, well.. people who want democracy, regardless of party affiliation. If they succeed, may the backlash be swift and painful, IMNSHO.

Mitch H. said...

Crisis averted, apparently. And I mean that in the most sarcastic fashion possible. Apparently conservative netroots *can't* turn around on a dime like they thought. Who knew?

BTW, please sign your comments in some fashion, even if it's with a pseudonym. Although I tend to wonder why anyone would need a pseudonym to comment on my goofy little site.

Bill Johnston said...

Some people are afraid to leave comments anywhere, for fear that future employers may find out too much about them from a google search.